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Mr. Trumptastic aka Nasdaq Nyse: Hedge fund investor, and seasoned corporate banker with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Trumptastic is fully vested in the patriot movement!

For Purchase Assistance Text/Call Jay: 321-216-8047

* Mr. Trumptastic's Online Store:

* Buy Zim:
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* Switch to America: Text “Trumptastic” and your name to 512.808.7677 and one of my team will be in touch! You can also schedule a personal tour right now by clicking the following link: or go to the website & choose "Mr. Trumptastic" in the drop down menu.

* Sports Research:
Discount Code: USA

* Noble Gold Investments:

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* Donation Information:
(1) Venmo: @Nasdaq_Nyse
(2) Cashapp: $MrTrumptastic
(3) PayPal:

See my about section for information on all my social media. Disclaimer: All of my videos are for entertainment purposes only and not financial/medical advice.
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